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ChuraUmi Aquarium
Syuri Castle
Syurei Mon
Beautiful Sunset


Sightseeing is the most major purpose to rent a bus in Okinawa. Have you ever thought that there are so many places that you want to visit, but it is too cumbersome to drive by cars on your own or there are no subway stations nearby to reach there? Stop worrying about it any more! We can solve your problem. Once you tell us your destinations, our experienced drivers will take you there with a comfortable ride. By chartering a bus, the entire space is yours to start making the best memory with your family and friends. The special trip begins as soon as you ride our bus!

Marine Activity / Beach Event

Everyone knows Okinawa is the best spot to enjoy marine activity and beach event with its beautiful ocean! However, you may remember your past experience where you got lost in a maze of streets nearby the beach, or getting tired of driving after all of the marine activities. We help you to be free from these problems. You can concentrate with just having fun!

School Field Trip

School field trip is another major reason to charter our bus. We understand that the safety is the highest priority for school field trips. All of our buses are equipped with a steady driving system and special brakes to avoid damages to the bus and its passengers. We require mandatory driver training, and our drivers understand that they are responsible for the passenger’s life.

Ceremonial Occasion

Gathering at Okinawa for a ceremonial occasion is a popular trend. Getting married next to a beautiful ocean and under bright sunshine is very romantic and memorial. If you use our service, you can share more precious time with your friends and families. You don’t need to call cabs to pick each of you. We will come pick everyone up at the same time!

Shuttle from/to the airport

We pick you up and drop you off at the airport whether the flight is in the very early morning or midnight. You don’t need to worry about your transportation tool even if public transportation is out of the service at the time of your flight. We offer one way trips. Let us know your schedule, and we will be coming for you.


There are many beautiful golf courses in Okinawa. Playing golf with seeing beautiful ocean is such a refreshing moment! Our buses have wide container space for your golf bags and luggage.

Transportation from cruising ship

Okinawa has become a popular spot for foreign tourists, especially through cruising tour. We offer to pick you up from the cruising ship port for a full day tour and bring you back to the port before the cruise departure time. It is a very attractive option for foreign tourists because you don’t need to be bothered by worrying about transportation tool to go anywhere even though you can’t speak Japanese. Our experience in this service confirm everyone to have the best memory.