Our Services

Okinawa Limousine Bus is here to help you spend a special time in Okinawa!

Since the initiation of our company in 2016, we have been the agent of our customers to go anywhere within Okinawa. Under our motto of “We bring our customer with our heart,” our experienced drivers take you to places to make the best memory in Okinawa. Please feel free to contact us for any questions you may have.

Bus Types

The main selection is Large Bus, Micro Bus, and Commuter Bus. All of our vehicles are equipped with Wifi. Below are the descriptions of buses that we offer.

Large Bus

Large Bus

Large Bus is a perfect choice for group travelers, with the maximum capacity of 60 passengers (including 11 sub seats). The bus is also made with the full-flat floor, which makes it convenient to get to your seat. Some of the most common uses of this bus are company trips, school trips, and other group trips!

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Micro Bus

Micro Bus

Micro Bus is a suitable solution for medium-sized group travelers. The capacity of bus is 23 passengers (including 6 sub seats). It is a good size for company trips, class trips, or event transportation. The low bounding seats make your transportation so comfortable.

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Commuter Bus

Commuter Bus

Commuter Bus is the best solution for family, friends, or small group trips. The capacity of bus is 13 passengers. Commuter Bus is equipped with a step supporting stairways, so it is friendly for children and elders. Commuter Bus is the choice if your destination is near narrow roads and congested places as larger size buses may not be able to enter.

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Luxury Limousine Taxi

We provide luxury limousine taxi service.



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We provide free and charged options below. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Free Options

  • Child Seat
    Junior Seat
    First Aid Kit
    Disinfection Alcohol
Child Seat

Charged Options

  • Tour Guide
    Non-Alcohol Drink
    Alcohol Drink
    Lunch Box