Easy four steps to make a reservation!

It is easy to make your reservation. Please choose either online form or fax based on your convenience. We will check and come back to you within three working days.

1. Contact us

You can contact us by submitting an online form or fax. Let us know which bus you want to rent and your schedule.

2. Wait for our reply

We will let you know availability of bus and schedule. We will inform you an estimated cost as well.

3. Confirm your reservation

Please send an email or a fax to confirm your reservation.

4. Complete!

We will inform you how to use our bus service, and payment methods.

Start making your reservation.

To start making your reservation, please fill in the blanks below. We will check your request and reply you back within three working days.

You can use Fax form from here.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know using the Special Request field.

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    • Pick Up
    • Drop Off

    • Pick Up
    • Drop Off

    • Child Seat
    • Junior Seat
    • First Aid Kit
    • Disinfection Alcohol
    • Tour Guide
    • Non-Alcohol Drink
    • Alcohol Drink
    • Lunch Box